• It’s a serious thing
    Price monitoring on such a complex market is not a joke.
    It’s a serious thing. Serious things require serious solutions.
  • Amat victoria curam.
    Victory loves preparation.
    Price2Spy helps you with this preparation.
  • We help you succeed!
    We help you prepare. We help you succeed.
    Like we did with hundreds and hundreds of clients.

Main Features

Price Comparison
One quick look and you'll know where you stand
Price Change Alerts
When the price changes you'll be the first to know
Reporting & Price Analytics
Analyzing historical data will help you prepare for the future
Smart Spidering
Not all sites want to be monitored. Price2Spy knows the way around.

Best practices

There are so many different ways you can use Price2Spy for your day-to-day operations. Here are some basic hints:

  • Price Matrix Report

    Price Matrix Report

    Just a few clicks and you'll know who's at low and who's at high end of the market
  • Who ran out of stock and when

    Who ran out of stock and when

    Pricing dashboard will show you most recent price and stock changes and so much more
  • Alerting mechanisms

    Alerting mechanisms

    Instant or daily price change alerts help you react swiftly and effectively
  • Price comparison at a glance

    Price comparison at a glance

    Who tends to be cheaper? For all brands or just some of them?
  • Identifying pricing opportunities

    Identifying pricing opportunities

    Which products are underpriced? Which products can go lower, but still be within the desired profit margin?
  • Product history chart

    Product history chart

    See how each competitor changed the prices over time

About Price2Spy

Price2Spy is an online monitoring tool, designed by eCommerce professionals - for eCommerce professionals. Formally, it's a part of WEBCentric d.o.o. - a Serbian software / eCommerce company, currently employing over 35 young enthusiastic people.

Working in such a competitive market, we have learned that we need to listen to our clients and their ideas - it's what helps us build a better tool. That's where most of new Price2Spy features are coming from.

  • Conceived in 2010, launched in 2011
  • Over 500 clients, of all sizes, from all sorts of industries, from all over the world
  • New features added on a regular basis

(some of) Our Clients

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