Apex Radio Systems - UK (www.apexradio.co.uk)

Apex Radio Systems – UK (www.apexradio.co.uk)

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How Price2Spy helped Apex Radio Systems to monitor their key products across various competitor sites

Apex Radio Systems - UK (www.apexradio.co.uk)

Apex Radio Systems is one of the leading radio communication companies in the UK and Ireland. The company provides two-way radio communications solutions across the whole business spectrum since 1990. Over 10000 retailers, schools, manufacturing companies, construction companies, waste management companies, hospitality providers, and many others use Apex for security protection of their own customers and employees. Apex is dedicated to providing technical support, rapid response repairs, and top quality service to their customers.


  1. Competitive and price-sensitive market
  2. Need to monitor their key products across various competitor sites
  3. Need to keep track of price drops and price increases on a daily basis
  4. Need to keep an eye on frequent stock changes on competitor sites
  5. Data analysis needed in order to determine market trends




  • Price2Spy Basic account – one price check per day manages to capture recent price and stock changes
  • Alert emails received instantly whenever price/availability change occurs
  • Multiple Pricing Dashboard widgets used for pricing data analysis
  • Automated report according to the client’s choice and regularly sent to client’s mailbox
  • Price2Spy reports (i.e. Price Matrix) used to determine market trends

By its nature, Price2Spy is a very sensitive and discrete tool. For that reason, we have to be very careful about our client’s data privacy, which is an absolute priority for us.

Therefore, we will not be able to show too many testimonials nor success stories on this page. The ones we will show should just give you a brief idea on how Price2Spy can be used in your own business.