E-trgovina 2016 – Serbia’s largest e-commerce event: Three days in the North of Serbia among e-business professionals

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We just got back (literally 2 hours ago:) ) from Palic, a beautiful small town in the North of Serbia. There we attended E-trgovina – the largest Serbian conference on e-business and e-commerce. We have visited the event several times before, but this year we are proud to have joined the conference as a sponsor for the first time.

Our founder and CEO Misha Krunic held a presentation as one of the keynote speakers on the opening day, and judging by the number of people eager to talk to us afterwards, the attendees liked what he had to say. The presentation combined his experience both from working in IT and running an online store – since Price2Spy was born out of our need to monitor our competitors online.

Spontaneous, yet precise and insightful, the story he told will hopefully help us attract more clients from Serbia. It is something we are striving to achieve, since almost all our clients are foreign companies, and we think that the growing Serbian e-commerce community can benefit from a good price monitoring tool like ours. Also, we  had a chance to meet with a current client from Serbia and discuss further steps in our work, which we value a lot, because providing online service doesn’t allow us much face-to-face contact with our clients.

taken from: https://www.subotica.com/
taken from: www.subotica.com

As for the event itself, the presentations covered research in current e-commerce trends in Serbia, the power of Internet as a source of advertising, success stories from several e-commerce startups etc. Honestly, it was really encouraging to see that many small entrepreneurs taking matters into their own hands and using creativity and Internet to start and promote their businesses. It was also great to meet some of them and share our stories and contacts – so that can hopefully lead to fruitful cooperation one day.

It was worth visiting this year’s E-trgovina – we saw some familiar faces, met a lot of new  people, shared our story with them and listened to theirs. However, the real summary of the event will be possible this time next year – when we prepare for the next conference and look back on what we have achieved in the meantime.


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