G2 Summer Report Confirms Price2Spy’s Business Success

09:24 28 June in Price2Spy announcements
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Happy Summer! Once again, we maintained our position in the Leaders quadrant. The Price2Spy tool has been recognized in the majority of G2 Summer Reports as a leader and users’ favorite.

G2 Summer Report

G2’s Grid for Pricing Software Report represents the voice of real users who rank products based on their satisfaction. Another factor that influences products’ ranking is the market presence which is based on market share, seller size, and social impact. Price2Spy maintained its Leader position in this Grid for the G2 Summer Report.

One of the categories that we always aim to win is Relationship Index for Pricing. Overall relationship score of our software is the best once again, which is an honor having in mind our fierce competition. This means that users said that they are likely to recommend data, the quality of Price2Spy support is exceptional, and ease of doing business with us is our strength.

The Momentum Score of a product is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in social, web, employee, and review data that G2 has deemed influential. We remain a leader in this report. The Momentum Grid Leader’s position in the pricing category states that we manage to maintain a good reputation over the years as well as to keep expanding our client base and keep them satisfied.

We are glad Price2Spy was recognized primarily by our clients which has been proven through reviews and by the G2 crew who monitor Price2Spy’s development and progress over the years. Price2Spy has over 750 satisfied clients worldwide. We appreciate their trust therefore we strive to continuously improve our software and business practices. 
So far, 2022 has been beyond successful for our company. We nailed the first two G2 quadrant reports but we hope to stand out in the following reposts with even better index results. As we were recently acquired by TSS, we started the implementation of new best practices therefore we believe that great times are ahead of us.


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