Important news: API URL changed

10:25 11 July in Price2Spy announcements
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We’ve been working on the improvement of our infrastructure for quite some time, and part of that improvement was separating the API server from the regular web application server. This means that, if you’re using API, there are a couple of things to note.

As of a few day ago, Price2Spy API is available on the new URL

What you need to do is to locate the configuration file of your current Price2Spy API solution, and change the API URL.
A couple of important things to be aware of

  • NEW URL is HTTPS (as opposed to the OLD URL, which is HTTP)
  • Test API URL did not change
  • Your API KEY stays the same

Please note that OLD URL is still active, and it will continue to be active until Sep-1 2016.
However, on Sep-1 we will switch the OLD URL off, therefore, if you do not make the change on your side, your Price2Spy API connection will stop working then.

If you have any questions please contact us at – we’d be glad to help.


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