Price2Spy can now monitor CAPTCHA protected websites

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Monitoring websites that are constantly changing and investing resources into blocking automated bot traffic has proven to be very difficult. Bot awareness is rising in eCommerce day by day as more and more site administrators are trying to block traffic coming from automated monitoring solutions.

One of the most difficult blocking techniques to avoid is certainly CAPTCHA – “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. We have all come across this protection at some point and solving a CAPTCHA manually is not an issue of course but solving it automatically is quite a challenge. Automated price monitoring on websites using CAPTCHA has so far been almost impossible, but Price2Spy has recently figured out a way to overcome this obstacle.

In case you notice that a website is protected by CAPTCHA, just let us know and our developers will be able to make the necessary adaptations to solve it.

However, the CAPTCHA solving technique comes with a much higher infrastructure price, and therefore the website requiring this approach will be consuming stealth traffic.

If you wish to monitor a CAPTCHA protected site, just let us know by sending a request to


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