BigCommerce - private App

BigCommerce – private App

Integrating your BigCommerce store with Price2Spy

Steps to be performed on BigCommerce side


Please follow 5 simple steps shown below (click on the image to get it enlarged)

1. Please go to your BigCommerce admin home page (for example: On this page, click “Advanced Settings”

BigCommerce - private App

2.    On Advanced Settings page, click “API Accounts

BigCommerce - private App

3. Please click “Create API Account

A drop-down opens with two options. Select the first option (Create V2/V3 API Token)

BigCommerce - private App
BigCommerce - private App

4. Fill in app name (Price2Spy), change OAuth Scopes for Products to modify, and click “Save

BigCommerce - private App

5. The data you will need for Price2Spy part of the setup is

  • Home url
  • API path
  • Client ID
  • Access token

Please check the BigCommerce screenshot on the right side – it shows the screen where the above parameters can be located, and offers possibility to save them in a TXT file. If you have any problems connecting your BigCommerce store to Price2Spy, please send this file over to

BigCommerce - private App

Steps to be performed in Price2Spy


Please login to your Price2Spy account and do the following

1.Click Misc => Link My Store

BigCommerce - private App
2.Click BigCommerce (PRIVATE APP) and click Next
BigCommerce - private App
3.Fill in store details

  • Store URL  = (this is the URL of your online store)
  • API URL = (this corresponds to API path defined in BigCommerce setup) (see above: point 5.)
  • Client ID = (this corresponds to client id defined in BigCommerce setup) (see above: point 5.)
  • ACCESS TOKEN = (this corresponds to access token defined in BigCommerce setup) (see above: point 5.)

Please be patient: depending on your store size and your server speed, it may take 30s or so to establish link to your BigCommerce

BigCommerce - private App
4.Select Categories (or leave default = all) from which the products should be copied


5.Click Matched products to see how many products are contained in the above categories, click Next

BigCommerce - private App
6.Finalizing operation details

  • Name your operation (for example: BigCommerce| LINK)
  • Define execution frequency (default = 1 day)
  • Choose whether you want to be notified by email on each operation execution (default = OFF)
  • Check ‘Do it now‘ if you want the products to be copied immediately (otherwise, the operation will be done according to the daily schedule)
  • Define price check frequency (of the products created via Link My Store Operation)

7.Click Finish. Once your products have been linked from Shopify, you’ll see them in your Price2Spy account

BigCommerce - private App