Old Baby & Kids
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Old Baby & Kids

Baby & kids - how to stay afloat in a turbulent market

Summer 2011

was the time when we acquired our very first client from this industry – meaning that we have accumulated significant experience on how this industry operates, whether we’re speaking of large online stores (market leaders in their country) or small family businesses.


On the other hand, Price2Spy helps some large European brands (renowned strollers, car seats manufacturers) monitor their retailer pricing policies across many EU and non-EU countries.


As you can imagine, this industry has no firmly standardized part numbers (there are certain exceptions, for example, manufacturers are usually able to supply product EAN numbers), meaning that manual product matching has very few alternatives. Some of our clients do it themselves, while others hire the Price2Spy team for such tasks.


Price2Spy will enable you to easily dive into various aspects of your competitive landscape by many different segments (e.g. brands,  categories, suppliers). Easily drill down to the product details at any time – price history chart will show the development of prices over time, so you will easily recognize important patterns in your competitors’ pricing behavior (for example: who’s setting price trends / who’s following).

Our Turkish client: Joker

Best price monitoring practices

Here is how Price2Spy can help product managers from this industry


  • Usually between 10 and 30 most important market competitors get monitored;
  • In case of manufacturers / brands monitoring their retailers – this can grow to several hundreds of sites, EU-wide;
  • Marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay typically need to be monitored as well (usually for the cheapest price offered). In some cases several different sellers on Amazon are monitored;
  • Number of individual products (SKUs) is usually less than 2000 (very few clients monitor their full product range). This makes manual product matching quite acceptable (both in terms of cost and time);
  • Price change alerts are heavily used (in certain cases combined with Automated Price matrix report);
  • Use Pricing Strategy module to identify products with pricing opportunities – it will result in a clear and interactive list of products and suggested pricing changes;
  • Most recent price changes (per brand or category) can be spotted via Pricing Dashboard;
  • Pricing Intelligence based on a number of reports (Price Matrix, Price Change Dynamics, Pricing Index)
  • The same goes for the share of cheapest products per site;
  • Manufacturers using Price2Spy are relying on MAP module to detect retail sites that are in violation of minimal advertised price.

Pramworld.co.uk - one of 500 baby sites we monitor