Old Household & Furniture
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Old Household & Furniture

Household and Furniture industry - smart ways to monitor the market

World’s leading

manufacturers have been using Price2Spy in order to achieve a better market insight. Of course the list of our clients from this very competitive field does not end with manufacturers – a number of online retailers throughout the world are using our services to monitor their competitors’ prices.


Technically speaking, our experience with household and furniture industry is a bit a of a mixture – we have encountered both clients who do not work with standardized part numbers (and therefore manual product matching has no alternative), and clients who do work with well-established brands and well-defined part numbers, in which case Automatch comes as a logical choice.

What Price2Spy offers to its clients is the ability to easily get the insight into various aspects of their competitive landscape by many different segments (e.g. brands,  categories, suppliers). Easily drill down to the product details at any time – price history chart will show the time when the product got introduced, as well as the development of prices over time, so you will easily recognize important patterns in your competitors’ pricing behavior (for example: who’s setting price trends / who’s following)

Price monitoring in furniture industry: best practices


Here is how Price2Spy can help product managers from this industry:


  • In case of global brands / manufacturers – the number of retail sites monitored is usually between 50 and 200. In case of retail sites monitoring their competitors, this figure is usually much lower (as we’re speaking of niche markets) – between 5 and 25 sites
  • Marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay (of course, if Amazon / Ebay are operating in client’s market) typically need to be monitored as well. In some cases several different sellers on Amazon are monitored independently;
  • Number of individual products (SKUs) monitored by our manufacturer clients usually goes between 1000 and 5000, while for retailers it can reach 20 000 products
  • Price2Spy’s ability to capture the prices from within shopping cart greatly helps detect MAP violation cases which are not so obvious to spot (available in Price2Spy Premium user accounts)
  • Furthermore, monitoring prices on B2B sites (requiring username / password to access pricing details) is also something that many of our Premium users use on a daily basis.
  • Price change alert emails are the most commonly used way of monitoring the price changes (in certain cases combined with Automated Price matrix report)
  • Pricing Intelligence based on a number of reports (Price Matrix, Price Change Dynamics, Pricing Index)
  • Furthermore, most recent price changes (per brand or category) can be spotted via Pricing Dashboard. The same goes for the share of cheapest products per site

Home Depot - monitored by 30+ Price2Spy clients