Old Travel / Airline
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Old Travel / Airline

Airlines / Travel industry - price monitoring at its most complex

Airline / travel industry

Websites are known for being some of technically most complex websites on the Web. Capturing prices from such sites was always a strong technical challenge – and that’s where Price2Spy expertise comes in.

Typically, what our clients from these industries supply us is

  • List of destinations / routes – ranging from a few hundreds up to several thousands
  • List of travel models (single / return trip / trip dates) – typically between 1 and 8 travel models
  • List of websites to be monitored (either standard travel Websites, or meta-search sites)

Depending on the client’s needs, what we capture for them is

  • Flight schedule / carriers
  • Number of stop-overs
  • Travel / Flight price
  • A number of cheapest travel offers (or client’s / competitor’s position in the list of offered flights)
  • Flight anciliaries like: pieces of luggage allowed, baggage surcharge, seat reservation price, insurance options etc

Best price monitoring practices


What we deliver for our clients are not standard Price2Spy price change reports / alerts (as for Price2Spy clients from other industries) – because it simply makes no sense in industry with so many price points. Instead, we supply raw data (either via CSV / XML export, or via Price2Spy API access).

This data gets fed into client’s proprietary database, handled by client’s own IT.

Here is how Price2Spy can help pricing managers from this industry

  • Most commonly, up to 5 most important market competitors get monitored;
  • Monitor individual competitor Websites, as well as Meta-Search websites

Liligo.com - monitored by Price2Spy