Wat is Price2Spy


[Translate to Dutch:] Although Price2Spy contains very powerful price monitoring features, it is actually pretty easy to use. No software to purchase / install, no servers to maintain – that’s all in our hands.
What will you get from Price2Spy?


  • Detailed pricing comparison reports and historical price history charts / stock information;
  • Automatic price change email alerts;
  • Potential profit gains / pricing adjustments, based on your own business rules and strategies;
  • Clear indication of MAP (minimal advertised price) violations;

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Over de oplossingen van Price2Spy voor uw bedrijf

Het is eenvoudig en krachtig!

  • Email notifications you will receive are clear and easy to use;
  • Price2Spy is an online tool, meaning that technical setup is on us. All you need to do is use it
  • Based on your needs – some products can be checked each couple of hours; while others can be checked on a daily / weekly basis;
  • Instantly identify profit increasing opportunities;
  • Alerts you when MAP price gets violated;
  • Price2Spy API enables tight integration with your own software;
  • It can capture much more than just product prices: shipping costs, prices before promotion, delivery terms etc.
  • Price2Spy Automatch can automatically (and continually!) find matching products on competitor sites.

It’s flexible!

  • Unlike most other price monitoring solutions, Price2Spy does not limit the number of competitors you can monitor. We charge you per total number of product URLs you’re monitoring – be it just 2, 22, or 122 competitors;
  • Pricing Dashboard enables you to create your own tailor made widgets / reports with just a few clicks;
  • Or, you can set up your custom automated pricing reports to receive them on a daily basis;

It’s proven

  • Please check our testimonials page. We have proven on our own example that using Price2Spy results in both turnover and profit increase.

Online retailers


Staying afloat: with so many different players on the market, it’s getting harder and harder to keep up.
Price2Spy will help you live with that pressure. In essence, what it will do for you is:

  • Help you identify who your main competitors are, see the differences in assortment and market positioning;
  • Alert you when competitors change their product prices, or when they run out of stock;
  • Understand pricing strategies of your competitors – who wants to have the lowest price (no matter the cost), who’s using more subtle methods;
  • Suggest products with potential gains in turnover or profit; no overpricing, no underpricing;
  • Suggest potential gains coming from products missing in assortment
  • Analyze and understand which site (and exactly when!) started the pricing chain-reaction;
  • Indicate MAP pricing violations, in a way that is easy to document and share with brands / manufacturers

Brands / Manufacturers


ECommerce has brought us both the democratization of the market and fresh emerging players. Those new players can only fight with one weapon – price (or to put it in other words: low profit margin) Such new players on the market can hugely undermine the well-established brand’s value and market position. That is why gathering pricing data, careful pricing data analysis and establishing appropriate business relationships with various market players is very important and Price2Spy will help you with this difficult task. What it will do for you is:

  • Help you identify who your main online retailers are, see the differences in assortment and market positioning;
  • Alert you when retailers change their product price, or when they run out of stock;
  • Analyze which retailer (and exactly when!) started pricing chain-reaction (that was followed by other sites);
  • Compare your prices to prices of similar models offered by your competitors
  • Indicate MAP / MSRP pricing violations
  • Help you monitor how quick your retailers are when it comes to adding your new products to their offer
  • Understand how your retailers are positioning your brand against other brands they offer



Delicate market positioning usually means that distributors are expected to protect market value of the brands they are representing, while at the same time they should stimulate retail sites to increase their turnover. If your company is a distributor, and finds itself in this delicate situation, here is what Price2Spy can do to help:

  • Help you identify who your main online retailers are, see their differences in assortment and market positioning;
  • Alert you when your retailers run out of stock and when your retailers change your product price;
  • Analyze and understand which retailer (and exactly when!) started pricing chain-reaction (that was followed by other sites);
  • Compare your prices to prices of similar models offered by competitor brands;
  • Indicate MAP / MSRP pricing violations, which will be easy to spot and document

Main Price2Spy features


The features currently existing in Price2Spy have been added gradually over time and the growing list of features actually mirrors the growth of the Price2Spy tool itself. The features listed below either come in a form of reports or capabilities in general and have been built as a result of our ever-growing working experience with our clients – some of them were based on our own ideas (especially in early phases), but a great majority of them actually come from our clients – they are in fact the proof of our growth and show that we tend grow together with our clients.
The features currently existing in Price2Spy have been added gradually over time and they mirror the growth of the Price2Spy tool itself. Some of the features listed below were based on our own ideas (especially in early phases), but a great majority of them actually come from our clients.

  • Power and simplicity – Although technically a very powerful tool, Price2Spy was made very simple and intuitive for end users (no technical knowledge required whatsoever)
  • Quick start – You can get Price2Spy to monitor your first competitor in less than 10 minutes.
  • Unlimited number of competitors / sites not monitor – Price2Spy can handle any number of sites to be monitored. Our price plans do not depend on the number of competitors or products, but on the number of URLs you want monitored.
  • 4 ways to setup the monitoring (product matching):
    • Do it yourself, product by product (suitable for smaller stores). Price2Spy will try to help with its own Matching Suggestions.
    • Product sheet upload (any number of products)
    • Automatch – automated site crawl / product search (works great if you need thousands of products which have something uniquely matchable)
    • Manual product matching / data entry performed by our team – humans doing product matching across your competitor sites
  • Advanced price detection – Price2Spy can monitor even stores which do not show the price before you click the product, or add it to the shopping cart. More than that – we can handle even sites which show prices in images (in order to disable automated data monitoring tools)
  • Bot-aware Websites – One of Price2Spy’s key strengths is the distributed technology we use to monitor Websites. This technology enables us to stay undetected by most of sites we monitor. Even when we do get detected, we can go one step further (stealth price monitoring)
  • MAP features – Price2Spy can alert you if a MAP (minimal advertised price) is violated. Especially useful for manufacturers who want to monitor their resellers
  • Pricing Opportunities – after defining your own pricing strategy, Price2Spy will be able to advise potential pricing adjustments that could lead to increase in turnover or profit.
  • Pricing Dashboard – create your own tailor-made reports in just a few clicks
  • No server, no software to maintain – Price2Spy is an online service, meaning that we do all the maintenance. All you need to do is to tell Price2Spy which Products to monitor, on which competitors’ websites. The rest is on us.
  • Built by eCommerce professionals – Price2Spy was built by a company with a strong eCommerce background (we own 9 online stores ourselves). We know how important it is to keep an eye on competitors’ pricing!
  • Email alerts – Be the first to know that the price has changed! Price2Spy will send you an email as soon as it detects that a price (or item availability) has changed.
  • Powerful reporting mechanism – our in-depth reports will show you market movements – whether your competitors are changing the prices up or down.
  • Custom automated reports in your mailbox – all you should do is setup your custom report and schedule it. From that day on, you’ll receive it in your mailbox, each and every day.
  • Historical price charts – for each product you will be able to see a chart representing price movements over time – so you can easily distinguish which sites are leading the way, and which sites are adjusting their prices accordingly.
  • Capturing additional product information – data like shipping costs, delivery details, cashback, guarantee period can also be captured by Price2Spy
  • Try before you buy – we offer 30 day trial period. No credit card needed.
  • No-one will know – Price2Spy uses a whole network of geographically distributed servers, which makes the price check sources randomized and practically impossible to detect.
  • Access Price2Spy data in your own application / database – with help of Price2Spy API, you’ll be able to access/ manage all the pricing data without even logging into your Price2Spy account.
  • Mobile-friendly – you can easily access your Price2Spy account from your mobile device. Or simply use Price2Spy Android app or the iOS app.

About Price2Spy

[Translate to Dutch:] Price2Spy is an online monitoring tool, designed by eCommerce professionals – for eCommerce professionals. Formally, it’s a part of WEBCentric d.o.o. – a Serbian software / eCommerce company, currently employing over 75 young enthusiastic people.


Working in such a competitive market, we have learned that we need to listen to our clients and their ideas – it’s what helps us build a better tool. That’s where most of new Price2Spy features are coming from.

  • Conceived in 2010, launched in 2011
  • Over 600 clients, of all sizes, from all sorts of industries, from all over the world
  • New features added on a regular basis

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