What is Price2Spy : What makes us different?

Experience counts

  • When Price2Spy was launched back in springtime 2011, it was one of only 3 online price monitoring tools
  • Nowadays, when there are more than 35 such tools available, the fact that we have 500+ active clients speaks for itself

Matching accuracy

  • We will try to automate product matching for you (see Automatch) but we will warn you in advance if we see that no 100% automation is possible. We do not want to waste neither your time, nor ours.
  • If no full automation is possible, we'll offer you manual product matching, with superb matching quality
  • Whatever method we advise, we will make sure that the product matches are 100% correct, so you can fully rely on price comparison reports

Customer support at its best

  • All our users know that the support they will get will be

    • quick
    • to the point
    • no nonsense

  • We tend to respond in a matter of hours (the latest), and we tend to solve all problems reported the very same working day
  • Please check our review on Capterra Review Service - our Customer Support team has scored a perfect 5.0 mark
  • Preemptive problem detection / resolution. We know that monitoring so many websites means that each day some of them will change, and we'll have to adapt to it. No problem, we know that's our job.


  • Price2Spy is able to monitor prices shown on marketplaces, individual retail websites, as well as price comparison Websites
  • We can monitor both your competitors, and prices of your own products
  • We have clients who monitor over 500K products on more than dozen competitor Websites. On the other hand, some of our clients monitor just a handful of products on more than 500 different Websites. No problem for us - it's up to you to choose how many SKUs / Websites you'd like to monitor

Technical superiority

  • Price2Spy is great at monitoring Websites that do not want to be monitored. Over the years we have developed so many ways around such bans
  • We are able to work with products having different packages / quantities
  • Monitoring prices in various currencies - with or without currency conversion
  • Ability to monitor geographically-sensitive websites (sites working only for users from certain territories)


  • Price2Spy has 2 flexible Repricing mechanisms (Smart Raise and Smart Drop)
  • These can be integrated with your online store either in Direct or Indirect way, depending on your implementation preferences

Doing business with us is easy

  • We are very much aware that we need to gain your trust before you subscribe
  • Low initial commitment - month by month payments possible
  • We stimulate long term relationships - significant discounts offered in case of long term commitment
  • You're welcome to start with a small subscription plan, and upgrade as you see the benefits of Price2Spy to your everyday business