Pricing dashboard

Pricing dashboard

See what’s been happening on the market lately at a glance. 

Pricing dashboard


Pricing dashboard

What are widgets?

You can think of widgets as the building blocks of your dashboard view. They are essentially mini versions of our reports. Their purpose is to quickly provide you with meaningful pricing insights, without you spending a significant amount of time going into detail.

Pricing dashboard

Setting widgets up

Dashboard widgets can be set up to show data based on the reporting period (eg. yesterday’s or last month’s data), or based on product/URL selection criteria (eg. per brand, category, website, country, etc.).

Pricing dashboard

Choosing widgets

We have numerous widgets available in within Price2Spy. This may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry – this just means you have more options at your disposal. Make sure to check out below the description of each widget and get familiar with them! 

Pricing dynamics

After you select a reporting period (interval) this widget will show you:

Most importantly, you will be able to click on any of the numbers in order to see the exact list of products that had a price change.

Pricing dashboard

Stock dynamics

Similar to pricing dynamics – this widget will show a number of products that changed their stock status (availability) during a certain period, such as:

Again, you’ll be able to click on any of the numbers, and you’ll see the exact list of products that had a stock change detected.

Pricing dashboard

Pricing landscape

Pricing landscape widget will show you a quick analysis of:

Pricing dashboard

Metadata comparison

Metadata comparison widget will help you: 

Pricing dashboard

Head-to-head comparison

The head-to-head comparison widget enables you to:

In order to run a head-to-head comparison all you need to do is specify the following criteria:

Pricing dashboard

Multiple products from the same site

Multiple products from the same site widget will help you identify pricing trends for a group of products on a competitor’s site.


In other words, you’ll see up to 20 products from your selected website.


When doing so, please be sure to use filtering (by product name, category, brand, or supplier) in order to define which products you want to be shown on the chart.


You can also refine the widget by using the charting period (1 week, 1 month, 3 months, etc).

Pricing dashboard

Product history chart

A product history chart will give you a clear picture of product pricing movement across the websites you’re monitoring, and thus help you identify the business logic of your competitors/retailers.


It’s especially useful for monitoring MAP / MSRP violations (MAP price is also shown in the chart – in this case, it’s in orange, so you can clearly see who and when has violated it).


What you need to do is select the desired product, and desired price monitoring period, and possibly filter out sites that will be shown on the chart (using standard site filters).


Please note that the prices from up to 20 sites will be shown on the chart.

Pricing dashboard

Pricing strategy

Pricing strategy will help you define your own pricing strategies, which can be segmented either per product category, brand, or supplier (or – for all the products in your Price2Spy account).


There are three default types of repricing opportunities that Price2Spy can help you with:

Pricing dashboard

Product price deviations

The product price deviations widget will show you a set of products whose prices deviate from one of the following prices:

When creating the widget, please make sure you define the price deviation percentage and specify if you’d like to run an analysis only for available/unavailable products (or all products).

Pricing dashboard

Current price index

Current Price Index is the ratio of a product price from a site and the average price of a product (or some other selected price) multiplied by 100.


For example: if your price is 130, while the average price is 120, your price index is 108.33.


Please note that this widget shows only today’s price index, calculated according to the chosen criteria.

Pricing dashboard

Assortment coverage

Analyze your own and competitors’ percentage of assortment coverage in the most practical way.


By using this widget, you will be able to see the number of active URLs per site.


When you click on the site name you’ll be able to see how many of the products that you’re monitoring a certain site has in the offer.

Pricing dashboard

Product price distribution

This widget enables you to:

Pricing dashboard

Price index

The Price Index widget will show you how the prices from a particular site stand compared to 2 other websites offering the same products.


So, for example, if your product has a price equal to the average price on all websites, then its price index would be 100. If your product is 10% more expensive than the average, your price index would be 110, however, If your product is 5% cheaper than the average, then your price index would be 95.

Pricing dashboard

Product head-to-head comparison

This widget will give you a head-to-head analysis of 2 (or more products) at a quick glance.


To run a Product head-to-head comparison report, all you need to do is select the following criteria according to your needs:

Pricing dashboard

Price competitiveness

This widget offers an extensive and direct comparison of pricing data from site A against other sites with the same product.

Pricing dashboard

Interested or want to find out more?

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