Online retailers


Pricing Suite for Online Retailers

Online retailers

Retailers' Essential eCommerce Toolkit

A set of eCommerce tools retailers can’t survive without online.

Understand your competition and the market better by discovering their habits and patterns.

Price Monitoring

Monitor competitor prices in any language, location, and currency. Up to 8 price checks / day!

Pricing Analysis

Use the built-in tools Price2Spy offers or export the gathered data and analyze it on your own.

Historical Reporting

Over 25 reports in our arsenal guarantee valuable insights for better pricing decisions.

Market Research

Find new competitors, benchmark your prices, and hone your approach with more data.

Price Change Alerts

Save time by receiving price change alerts directly to your email, without logging in!


Create various widgets for a quick overview of your whole competitor spectrum.

Dynamic Pricing

An algorithmic, automated, and quick way to reprice your products.

Utilize the competitive data we gather for you to optimize your prices. Create your own rules and master pricing once and for all!

Online retailers

Beyond Price Monitoring

Today’s eCommerce markets demand adaptability. This is what we deliver.

We offer a set of additional diverse features developed to help you get two steps ahead.

User management

Delegate management over certain products to the right managers in your company, without overlapping data.

Location-sensitive websites

We can deal with websites that show different information based on visitor's location or that block visits from certain regions/countries.

Capturing custom details

We can also monitor shipping costs, shipping time, stock status, seller name & rating, number of reviews, and review scores.

Product variation recognition

Handling product variations displayed on the same URL. Sizing, quantity, weight, color, or any other attribute - we can handle it!

Custom solutions

For requirements that go beyond our off-the-shelf solutions, we are ready to listen to you and provide our help.

Stock opportunities

Discover which products your competitors have in stock and you do not.

Monitoring Marketplace Competition

We can help you even if your competitors are selling on marketplace websites.

Here is an ever-expanding list of marketplace websites we are monitoring:


We offer the largest set of supported integrations with popular eCommerce platforms.

Seamlessly connect Price2Spy to your existing eCommerce platform and experience no bumps during the road.

Enterprise Package for Online Retailers

We understand that large businesses face unique issues.

We have already successfully adapted to the needs of numerous enterprise clients. Let us help you, too.