Price2Spy’s automated product matching process.


Automated product matching

Automatically match your products with your competitors’ and get ready to monitor their prices.

Who is Automatch for?

If your business and industry have characteristics listed below, Automatch is likely for you.


Why go for Automatch?

Here are the most important Automatch benefits you don’t get with our product matching types.

Competitor inventory overview

It can happen that at the initial moment of product matching, some of your competitors don't have certain products in stock and you do. With Automatch, you will know when they add these products and be able to start monitoring them.

Efficiency of Automatch

Manual product matching becomes can demand significant resources when dealing with 10,000 products or more. Also, the time it takes to match this number of products is likely going to be unacceptably long.

Cost-effective at scale

As opposed to manual product matching, Automatch becomes much more cost-effective the more products you need to match.

Automatch rules

At its core, Automatch takes into account the factors listed below.


For when you need matching for multiple competitors on a price comparison website

What Automatch type is the right one for you?


Automatch FAQs

Let’s address some of the most commonly asked questions about Automatch.

Automatch may still be able to help. It uses advanced matching techniques that can compare the similarity of products based on several linguistic, price, color criteria, etc. You need to decide if you want to automate the process completely by designating a specific matching accuracy threshold, or if you want to manually approve every match.

Yes, it can. With Price2Spy’s API, you can integrate Automatch with your software. This way, it may be easier for you to see matched products, or approve/disapprove new matches.

Automatch is never standardized. Each client of ours requires a customized Automatch approach. In terms of the pricing structure, there are two main parts:

  • Setup (one-off) costs – calculated per competitor, not per number of products;
  • Monthly costs (on top of the regular Price2Spy subscription) – this cost depends on the number of products and competitors and the frequency of Automatch checks.

For a specific quote, reach out to us at

Also, if you are interested to see our overall pricing structure in detail, please refer to our price plan comparison page.

In this case, we recommend using Hybrid Product Matching.

It is a product matching process based on our own Machine Learning algorithms that are backed by human checks from our dedicated team. 

This approach provides a high level of accuracy while maintaining acceptable levels of efficiency. It is usable in every industry and in any language.