Brands / Manufacturers


Pricing Solution for Brands & Manufacturers

Brands / Manufacturers

Pricing Essentials for Brands & Manufacturers

Stop letting MAP violations go under the radar. Take firm control over your brand perception & value.

Our core set of pricing tools. Made to help you uphold your pricing policy with all your retailers.

Price Monitoring

Monitor competitor prices in any language, location, and currency. Up to 8 price checks / day!

Pricing Intelligence

Compare your prices to prices of similar products offered by your competitors.

Capturing Screenshots

Have evidence at hand whenever you need to back up your MAP violation claim with a reseller.

Compare Retailers

Discover retailers’ pricing habits and patterns, and understand how they treat your products.

Price Change Alerts

Receive alerts according to the criteria you set. No spam in your inbox, only important emails.

Monitor Stock Levels

Know when retailers run out of stock and see how quickly they add your products to their offer.

Protect Your Brand Value Effectively

The tools you need to effectively protect your desired pricing positioning.

Use the pricing data we gather for you to understand the market. Position your brand the way you want to.

Brands / Manufacturers

Brand Value Protection and More!

Additional features developed to help you maintain your pricing policy.

We want to make sure you get what you need out of Price2Spy as easily as possible.

User management

Delegate management over certain products to the right managers in your company, without overlapping data.

Location-sensitive websites

We can deal with websites that show different information based on visitor's location or that block visits from certain regions/countries.

Capturing custom details

We can also monitor shipping costs, shipping time, stock status, seller name & rating, number of reviews, and review scores.

Product variation recognition

Handling product variations displayed on the same URL. Sizing, quantity, weight, color, or any other attribute - we can handle it!

Custom solutions

For requirements that go beyond our off-the-shelf solutions, we are ready to listen to you and provide our help.

Tailor-made reports

You can use our highly-specialized report to easily highlight MAP violations and in a matter of seconds see who is violating your policy.

Monitoring Sellers on Marketplaces

Track your and your competitors’ products even on third-party marketplaces.

We cover websites such as Amazon, eBay, Newegg, cDiscount, Etsy, fnac, Prisjakt, Lazada, and more!


We offer the largest set of supported integrations with popular eCommerce platforms.

Seamlessly connect Price2Spy to your existing eCommerce platform and experience no bumps during the road.

Enterprise Package for Brands & Manufacturers

We understand that large enterprises require tailor-made solutions. 

Price2Spy is already helping numerous enterprises improve their price monitoring and repricing workflows. Let us help you too.