What is Price2Spy : Inspiration


Price2Spy idea was born out of pure necessity. WEBCentric owns several stores operating in the Serbian market - which is very picky in terms of pricing. Basically, Serbian customers are not that wealthy, and before they make a purchase, they very carefully compare all available stores in order to find the one with the lowest price.

Therefore, we were spending hours and hours checking our competitors' Websites, finding out their price changes. It was taking more and more resources, and we saw no way out of it, until we figured out that we can make a tool (now known as Price2Spy) which will do the hard work for us.

6 months later the results were

  • Our product managers do not need to monitor competitor Websites by hand, Price2Spy does that for them, in pure automated way;
  • Our online store's turnover has grown by 35% - simply by being able to keep our prices competitive;
  • We have been able to identify brands where our competitors had much better supplier deals than us;
  • We have been able to identify price change patterns for various competitor sites;
  • Price2Spy was born - ready to be used by the product managers throughout the world.