Resources : Site crawl / scrape

Competitor site crawling and scraping

Need to gather all product data from competitor site in one go?
Need a detailed overview of what your competitors offer, along with pricing / category and brand information?
Price2Spy team has mastered various solutions that could help your business gather such valuable data in bulk.
Just let us know the list of competitor sites you want scraped - and we'll be happy to give you a quote for this task.
What you can expect as a result is a list (in Excel, CSV, XML - whatever your preferred format is) of competitor products, such as

  • product name;
  • product URL;
  • product description;
  • product category;
  • product price (list / sale price);
  • brand information;
  • stock levels;
  • SKU / MPN;
  • any other specific information you want scraped from competitor's site.

This valuable information can be later used for

  • Price2Spy product data feed - continuous product price monitoring;
  • Internal product comparison analysis - who is offering what, what is missing from one's offer;
  • Content generation - you can use our data to generate more content on your own website (though you should beware of content duplication).