Resources : Stealth IP traffic

Stealth IP traffic

(This page is applicable to you only if you're monitoring sites which require 'stealth traffic' - Price2Spy will automatically warn you if that is the case). If Price2Spy hasn't warned you about such sites, then this page is not applicable to you.

In order to conduct continuous and reliable price checks, Price2Spy needs to ensure that the sites it monitors do not detect our activity.

However, if we're monitoring hundreds of thousands of products on a site (and on certain sites we actually do), it's very likely that the site's administrator will grow suspicious of traffic created by our servers. That's when they will probably try to block our traffic - and it's our task to keep avoiding such blocks.

But, before explaining what stealth IP traffic actually is, lets discuss few important introductory things

  • Price2py uses a very flexible and cheap server architecture, which enables us to monitor thousands of products on thousands of sites, at pretty low cost
  • The above mentioned technology also enables us install new price monitoring servers in matter of hours
  • However, in certain cases (with sites where our price checks are generating a lot of traffic, and where system administrators are paying a lot of attention to blocking automated traffic), that's simply not good enough. In some cases, such sites are able to detect our traffic in matter of minutes!
  • In such cases our tactics is to avoid such bans with constant and fast changes of locations of our servers. However, the number of potential locations is not indefinite (it's few thousands max)
  • However, persistent system administrators can carefully analyze their site's traffic over long period of time, and ban all such locations one after another. This tactics will take them a lot of time and energy, but in the end it will pay off - eventually they will block majority of locations we're using

That's when we get to brand new technology - stealth IP traffic.

The beauty of this technique is that it makes it practically impossible for system administrator to distinguish regular Website traffic from the traffic generated by Price2Spy (in order to monitor it's prices) - that's why we call it 'stealth traffic'. Even more beautiful - banning such 'stealth traffic' would be mission impossible. Not only would they have to ban millions of locations, but by doing it they would be at strong risk of banning their regular website visitors.

However, stealth traffic comes with a much higher infrastructure price, and therefore we have introduced a limit of stealth traffic you can make (it's calculated as MBs per day). Please note that this limit is not your regular limit of active URLs Price2Spy monitors for you - it's a specific limit of stealth traffic (applicable only on sites requiring stealth traffic)

The calculator shown below should help you figure out how much stealth traffic you'd need.