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Technical questions

Sure, after you define your pricing strategy, Price2Spy will identify products where you have pricing opportunities. More than that, it will suggest new prices, according to the strategy you defined.

Yes, we can captures prices in any currency you desire. Depending on your settings, you may wish to display the price in it's original currency, or converted to another currency, using an exchange rate.

Yes, please check our video tutorials page, which should help you setup price monitoring of competitor sites. Or, if that suits you better, please schedule a Demo session where we'll show you how exactly Price2Spy works and how it can help your business.

No server, software etc needed from your side. Price2Spy is an online service, and all you need to do it sign up and start using it.

Price2Spy can track any kind of Website where products / prices are displayed.

Yes, if there is something uniquely matchable shown on competitor's product page (usually that's SKU or MPN), we can use Automatch to perform automated (and continual!) product matching for you.

Or, if you'd like to get whole product assortment of your competitor, please check automated site crawl 

Price2Spy uses highly flexible and uniquely powerful technology, which can track not only plain HTML, but also JavaScript, CSS, Ajax and even websites which show prices as images. Don't believe it? Do give it a try - please register and specify your competitor's site.

That is up to you to choose.

If you're having Basic Price2Spy account, the checks take place once a day (or less frequent, depending on how you set it up - it can vary from once a day, to once in 14 days. Most our users choose once a day.

With Premium Price2Spy account, the price check frequency can go up to 8 times a day (each 3 hours)

There are 3 ways

  • Automatic email (either once per day, or instantly, whenever price change is detected, no matter what time of day it is)
  • If you want to avoid emails, you can login to Price2Spy and check your Pricing Dashboard (if you have setup widgets for showing recent price changes)
  • If you go to Reports section you can run any of the reports, using  search filter 'Show only products with price changes in last X days'

Please check the list of supported stores. If your competitor's Website is not there, then please suggest us that Website, we will gladly include it.

By default, Price2Spy can extract product price and product availability. However, our Premium users can also have Price2Spy capture some other information (like shipping cost, seller information, delivery time etc) for them. Depending on how this information is shown on competitor's product pages, additional setup costs may apply.

Yes, Price2Spy will let you know as soon it notices that product availability has changed (either if was available, but ran out of stock, or vice versa)

Yes, you can access your Price2Spy account using your mobile phone, and you'll get a mobile-friendly version of Price2Spy. Or, you can simply download the Price2Spy app for  Android or iOS.

Yes, Price2Spy has the ability to monitor such sites from different locations. For example - if you want to monitor a Spanish website, which bans any requests coming from outside of Spain - we'll monitor it from our Spanish server. Price2Spy has currently it's servers in more than 15 countries worldwide - the number is growing on nearly monthly basis.

Price2Spy has encountered several sites with real smart anti-bot protection. In some cases, they block our server IPs in matter of minutes. In order to be able to monitor such sites, we have mastered 'stealth IP traffic' technology, which enables us to effectively change our IP instantly, over millions of different IP addresses, geographically scattered across the globe.

Yes, Price2Spy API enables you to get Price2Spy data directly straight into your application.

Yes, this is one of the price monitoring challenges that we’ve been able to overcome recently. In short – yes, we can capture prices shown as images.

Yes, if you have a Premium Price2Spy account. You will be able able to setup multiple user accounts, each with it's own account privileges.

We are currently investigating this possibility.