Akupiszmi.pl – Poland (www.akupiszmi.pl.com)

Akupiszmi.pl – Poland (www.akupiszmi.pl.com)

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How Price2Spy helped Akupiszmi.pl to suggest products with potential clever drops/clever raises

Akupiszmi.pl – Poland (www.akupiszmi.pl.com)
We are glad to collaborate with Price2Spy due to their technical capabilities, fast response time and excellent technical support if we encounter an issue.

Rafal Polczynski, Akupiszmi.pl

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Akupiszmi.pl offers a specially selected assortment recognized for years by children and parents. This company is based in Poznan, Poland, and beside their shop, they have designed a website and created a clear and intuitive product selection system, where you can filter products and their system will guide anyone, even an inexperienced user, throughout the entire shopping process. They have their own warehouse with all the products available in their store, so all the orders are processed right away.


  1. Constantly changing the prices in order to be ahead of the competition
  2. Tight integration with Magento store required
  3. Competitors eager to change prices several times a day
  4. Tracking many different websites that offer the same product
  5. Data analysis needed in order to determine market trends


  • Link my Store option – Magento store linked in order to mirror products from their online store into the Price2Spy account
  • Direct repricing module used in order to suggest products with potential clever drops / clever raises
  • Automated price checks set to occur every 6 hours (4 times a day)
  • Enabled Matching suggestions so that they can add URLs from websites that sell the same product
  • Price2Spy reports (Price Change Dynamics, and Product Price History Chart) used to establish market trends


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