A new colour for indicating newly added URLs introduced in Price2Spy Colour scheme

15:40 March 24, 2014 in New Price2Spy features
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With the growing number of Price2Spy clients, especially the ones using Price2Spy Automatch and Product import, the need to introduce a new colour in Price2Spy alerting system has arisen.

Namely, from now on email alerts resulting from the prices being captured for the very first time will get coloured in new colour (by default light blue). It will only apply to the following situations:

  • URLs added to Price2Spy via Excel/CSV/XML Import, and price-checked for the very first time
  • URLs added to Price2Spy via Automatch, and price-checked for the very first time

The image below shows us an example of one such email alert. The price in blue (35.94 GBP) is the one that was added via Automatch and such prices / URLs are entered without initial user verification (done as part of manual product entering). However, when the first price check for such a product URL does go through, it will trigger one such email:




For our clients using Automatch, this should be an important addition, since this will enable them to see which products have been freshly matched.

Again, we were glad to share our news with you ;).



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