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Ever since Black Friday sales came to the forefront in the 1980s, the tradition hasn’t let up, both in the US and worldwide. Black Friday represents a week-long celebration of spending, which is promptly followed by Cyber Monday as an encore to the whole holiday.  The past year has brought on some changes to how...
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The business world has dramatically improved in recent years with the help of technology, much more so with the Covid 19 pandemic that ravaged the world last year. People have gradually adapted to online purchases. Today, every business owner who wants their business to flourish must find a way to advertise or market their product...
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At the heart of every online business is order fulfillment, a process made up of so many moving pieces all working together to deliver an order to a customer’s doorstep. Now more than ever, the efficiency of this very process is a crucial factor (if not the most crucial) when it comes to customer satisfaction...
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Description: Business technology has had a huge economic impact across the world. It enables growth and prosperity whilst providing jobs to millions. Read on to discover the importance of technology in business. Technology has been critical to modern business and economic development. Business technology lets firms boost workforce efficiency, improve customer retention, and allows a...
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The eCommerce industry has grown tremendously in recent years, with the COVID-19 pandemic also accelerated the growth of online shopping adoption due to the quarantine restrictions preventing people from traditional shopping.  While on the one hand, this is good news for eCommerce stores since it will mean a bigger market to capture, on the other...
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Source In the current fast-paced world of e-business, there is a number of strategies and phenomena used. Due to which number of new terms are introduced and beginners often confuse these terms with that of a similar name. Business Intelligence (BI) and Competitive intelligence (CI) are counted among them. Both the terms are different and...
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The eCommerce industry is one of the most comprehensive and competitive online industries out there, and for good reason. In the wake of 2020, many businesses shifted toward digital sales, and customers have grown accustomed to ordering goods and services online. eCommerce is more competitive than ever before in 2021, with statistics showing that it...
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eCommerce is one of the revolutions in the business world. The internet has been one of the huge helping hands in establishing eCommerce. The way the online world has grown is exceptional, and people have admired internet services a lot.  The online world has impacted the business world fruitfully. From small business owners like grocers...
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Setting up your online store is now easier than ever, thanks to the development in technology. With the help of eCommerce platforms, you can have your online store up and running within minutes. However, how do you make sure that people come across your eCommerce store? Ecommerce businesses rely on traffic to earn money. Even...
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The main challenge for every company is to reduce its costs as much as possible. Although an online business must pay for a number of unavoidable costs, it can reduce some of its operational costs by using the best tools. There are a variety of startup tools available that not only help to reduce initial...

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