Comparing products in different currencies

New Price2Spy features 10.11.2011. Reading Time: < 1

Say that you are an online merchant who needs to compare prices of several competitors:

  • 3 competitors have prices in USD;
  • 1 competitor shows prices in EUR;
  • 1 competitor shows prices in AUD.

Price2Spy offers a new option: you can instruct it to show non-US prices in the US, offering you to define the conversion rate between USD/EUR and USD/AUD.

This way, you will get a realistic price comparison for competitors across the globe.

Of course, you will be able to choose which currency will be your preferred one, and what conversion rates to use.

At this moment, Price2Spy is monitoring sites in 18 different currencies.


Miša Krunić
Father of 2, Husband of 1, CEO of 3 :-)