How can Price2Spy help your business?

Best practices in price monitoring 1.8.2012. Reading Time: 2 minutes

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The number of Price2Spy clients is growing fast, and we thought the following 2 stories might be of interest to you.

Case 1 – making swift pricing decisions – online fashion retailer from Southern Europe

When this client approached us, their business was suffering from their competitor’s frequent price changes, which were very difficult to track.
One of our first tasks was to match the products supplied by the client to products on competitor sites, so we could start price monitoring.
In the beginning this task was done by client’s interns, but soon enough it became clear that interns are making very slow progress, with questionable matching data quality.
That’s when Price2Spy data entry team stepped in, and in next 2 weeks time, we have managed to match more than 5000 SKUs across 5 competitor sites.

Ever since, Price2Spy has been monitoring these products, with several immediate benefits for our client

  • our client has identified the pattern one of competitor used to alter it’s product prices
  • our client became immediately aware of any price changes, being able to react swiftly. However, since we’re talking about more than 5000 SKUs monitored – with many different product managers involved, we have set their account up so a product manager gets email alerts just for products they manage

Several months on, in words of the client himself

  • their turnover increased by 12% in less than 4 months they’ve been using Price2Spy
  • they have been able to increase their profit margin by an average of 7% for products which were underpriced
  • they plan integrating Price2Spy into their internal logistic software tools
  • they plan to add further 5000 SKus in their Price2Spy package


Case 2 – MAP policy enforcement – kitchen systems manufacturer from US

This client is one of the world’s leading producers of kitchen equipment, working with hundreds of retailers worldwide.
Their problem was detecting resellers who are not in accordance with strict MAP policy they contracted.
When this client approached us, they had a list of several hundred websites selling their products.
Price2Spy first task was to crawl these sites and to automatically get product URLs, which we started to monitor.
More than that, Price2Spy’s data entry team has conducted a Web research which resulted in several new websites, previously unknown to our client, who were not in accordance with MAP policy.

Few months afterwards – they have all market players firmly under their control.
Price2Spy warns them instantly of any price changes, saving them endless hours of manual work.