Price change alerts now can be scheduled for weekly / monthly delivery

New Price2Spy features 9.1.2019. Reading Time: 2 minutes

Recently we have received numerous questions related to the price change alert emails frequency, so we have introduced more options that will allow you to schedule your alert emails according to your own preferences.

Being very flexible, and working with both big international companies and small family businesses, we are aware that different clients have different needs and use Price2Spy in various ways. Some clients want to receive alert emails instantly, or as soon as we detect a price change, while others decide to have all price changes listed in one daily email. So far, we had only two options – receiving alert emails instantly or daily, but upon some of our client’s request we decided to introduce two more options – weekly and monthly.

You can set your alert email frequency in the Email Settings section and you can choose to receive the emails:

  • Instantly – as soon as we detect a price change. Since the price checks are distributed over a period of time, you will be receiving multiple emails per day.
  • Daily – in this case all detected changes will be listed in a single email. You can choose the exact time when you would like to have this email in your inbox, so keep in mind that the changes we detected in the previous 24 hours in reference to the selected time will be taken into consideration.
  • Weekly – in one weekly email, you will get all detected price changes in the last 7 days. Again, you can choose the exact time when you would like to have this email in your inbox, and all price changes detected in the previous 7 days will be considered.
  • Monthly – the principle is the same – in one monthly email, you will get a list of price changes detected in the last 30 days.
  • Turn off alert emails – lastly, you can choose not to receive any emails at all. You can always check out the latest price changes in the Most recent price changes in the Dashboard section.


Hopefully you’ll be able to make good use of this improvement. If you have any questions, please let us know at