Price Matrix Report Improved!

New Price2Spy features 24.5.2016. Reading Time: 2 minutes

Over the years we have done our best to listen to our clients’ suggestions – we believe implementing our client’ ideas into our service makes it more efficient and enjoyable to work with.

Actually, that’s how most of Price2Spy reports have been created. Our clients told us what kinds of comparison mechanisms they needed, so we made it happen.

This time, it’s not a new report we’re offering, but a small but useful feature in our most commonly used report – Price Matrix.

If you have a lot of products and need to take a look at the whole Matrix (or it’s still big even though you used the Brand / Supplier / Category filtration fields), it was a bit tricky to compare columns that are far apart. It required constant scrolling up and down and remembering the order of columns, since scrolling down made the site name disappear. The same would happen with product names when you would scroll right.

Since a few days ago the sites and product names remain ‘frozen’ while you scroll, so they’re always on top. Additionally, you can easily pin your sites / product names by clicking on the small pin button next to the site / product name, so that particular site / product is always first in the line. Let’s look at the example:


The product 1 WAECO CFX-50 stays at the top, as well as the Site A, while scrolling through the report.

If you wish to unpin a site / product, click on the small pin button next to it, and they won’t be listed as first.

This is just a small detail in our Price Matrix, but hopefully it will make working with Matrix even more interactive and practical. However, for those of you that like the old Matrix better – soon we’ll enable our clients to choose between the old and new style of Matrix.

How do you like our freeze&pin feature? Feedback is very welcome, as usual!