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Price2Spy allows you to access all pricing data on your account via Application Programming Interface (API).

Price2Spy API can be used to create / manage your products and URLs, as well as to get the latest (or historical) pricing data – all by exchange of standardized XML (SOAP) messages.

This way you can practically use Price2Spy without ever logging into it – product managers will continue to work in your own software, and Price2Spy API will make sure the data they enter gets into Price2Spy (or the other way around – it will make sure Price2Spy feeds your software with the latest pricing info).

So far,  when performing updateProduct or updateUrl operations, you had to supply each and every attribute. Meaning – if an attribute was omitted from the request, it would be set to empty value. This was indicated as a problem for many of our clients. Since we listen to our clients, we have released the new and improved version of Price2Spy API!

Similarly – when performing product or URL search (getProducts or GetUrls operations) – so far the filtering was performed by LIKE operator. Now, with updated version of WSDL, you can specify whether you want the filtering to be done using LIKE, or using = (exact match). Again – this was a suggestion of our clients.

Last but not least, all the changes are done in such a way that backward compatibility is ensured. In other words, if you’re happy with the way Price2Spy API works for you – no need to change a thing on your side 🙂


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