Sorting in the extended URL preview enabled

New Price2Spy features 29.12.2015. Reading Time: 2 minutes

Since Price2Spy is a very flexible tool, it allows its users a lot of account customization. For example, in the My Products list, you can sort the products according to the product name, the number of active URLs, the date of the last price check etc.

We decided to go one step further and allow this sort of customization in other lists, too. The lists of products you get in the Dashboard or Opportunities weren’t sortable. However, now you can sort these lists according to the product name, site name, price etc.

Let’s check out what this looks like at the Dashboard. For example, we’ll take a look at the Cheapest Prices widget.

ep URL dash

After clicking on one of the websites, we receive a customizable list:
ep URL 1

And then let’s check out the Opportunities. We’ll look at the list of suggested products for Clever raise:

ep URL op

We sorted the products starting from the one with the lowest price:
ep URL a
This is just a small change, but hopefully it will help you get an even clearer overview of the data you’re working with.