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No matter if you have the best product or service in the world, if you don’t have solid marketing and pricing strategies you may be doomed in the current competitive world. When determining a product or brand’s offer as a key component of the marketing mix[i], pricing plays a critical role. So, when it comes...
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No matter if you’ve just entered the eCommerce world, or if you already are a true professional, it would be almost impossible that you aren’t aware of the advantages that bundle pricing can offer to your business. It seems like a win-win situation: customers get more for a lower price, and companies get to sell...
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We just got back (literally 2 hours ago:) ) from Palic, a beautiful small town in the North of Serbia. There we attended E-trgovina – the largest Serbian conference on e-business and e-commerce. We have visited the event several times before, but this year we are proud to have joined the conference as a sponsor for the...

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