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Since we have always cared a great deal about our clients and their business needs, we have decided to implement several new features in Price2Spy API that were suggested by our clients: 1.Exposing the following for fields for all objects in Price2Spy (Product, URL, Automatch URL, Matching Suggestions, Brand, Category, Supplier) As of Price2Spy API 2.7...
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We’re happy to announce an addition of  several new features to Price2Spy API: Exposing Matching Suggestions via Price2Spy API You will be able to retrieve Matching Suggestions – using getMatchingSuggestions() operation Furthermore, you will be able to approve a Matching Suggestion, using approveMatchingSuggestion() operation Finally, rejectMatchingSuggestion() should be used in case wrong Matching Suggestions got...
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We are constantly working on improving our Global Product database – a kind of knowledge base that is meant to help our clients and speed up the process of product matching and account setup. How can you benefit from this knowledge base? It’s pretty simple: If Price2Spy detects that you monitor product A on site X,...
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If you’re using our Matching suggestions, there is a new setting you should check out! So far, you could accept / reject our matching suggestions one by one in your Price2Spy account. From now on, you can perform these actions in bulk. This time-saving new feature works in the following way: From your Price2Spy account,...

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