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Regardless if you’re using one or many Price2Spy widgets, from time to time you have to visit our Dashboard. Over the years, Price2Spy has had significant improvements, therefore, the visual identity of our widgets and dashboard has gone under some transformations. Trying to meet all your requirements resulted in developing new widgets. But, some of...
28 June 2018 - 9:25, by , in New Price2Spy features, No comments
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As you already might know, virtually anything in your Price2Spy can be exported in a certain file format, so you can process any report offline.  The Dashboard can be very useful once you have determined which reports you find most important, and what’s best, you can use the widgets for creating analytical reports for your in-house presentations. This...
31 March 2015 - 12:11, by , in New Price2Spy features, No comments
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The purpose of this very widget is simple – compare prices for a single product, across different sites – in specified time frame. It’s especially useful for detecting (and documenting) MAP / MSRP violations – in the example below, MAP price is shown in Orange, and you can easily see who and when was violating...

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