Transpose data – new option in Competitor Pricing History Report

New Price2Spy features 9.8.2017. Reading Time: < 1
Good news for everyone using Competitor Pricing History report! We have implemented a new option – Transpose data!

When running Competitor Pricing History report in Reports section and upon deciding on:

  • Websites you would like to get a pricing history for
  • Date range you would like to see a pricing history for
  • and clicking on Show all sites in one sheet >> Transpose
You will see a new implemented feature – Transpose data.
Until now, upon running the report, you were able to obtain an Excel file with all the sites and products listed in the way so that you could see:
  • products and websites shown as columns and
  • dates shown as rows.
regular report
The new option gives you the opportunity to see:
  • dates shown as columns and
  • products as well as websites shown as rows
transpose report (2)
Hopefully this new way of using Competitor Pricing History report will make you run this report even more frequently.
We will be happy to hear your feedback regarding the new feature in Competitor Pricing History report, so feel free to contact us on