Body & Fit – Netherlands (

Body & Fit – Netherlands (

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How Price2Spy helped Body & Fit to make constant price adjustments

Body & Fit – Netherlands (
With the help of Price2Spy we monitor and manage our prices. This enables us to come to the best offer and the best price in all countries where we are active. This provides direct insight and saves a lot of manual work, which means that we can actually continue to offer the best price in the future.

Joël Groen | Country Manager | Body & Fit

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When it comes to sports nutrition, nutritional supplements, diet products and healthy lifestyle, Body & Fit has been the leader in the Netherlands and surrounding countries since 1995. During this time, they were able to acquire a lot of experience and build the largest assortment of top products.




  1. Competitive market with many participants
  2. Constant need for price adjustment due to the market conditions
  3. Present on number of markets, each with different requirements and competitors
  4. Very common to have one product in various quantities on the same page, each variation with different prices


  • Premium Price Plan allows them to have multiple accounts, which helps different managers to focus on specific markets; this plan also gives them a possibility to do price checks more often if they need to
  • Manual product matching performed by our experienced data entry team to help Body & Fit find the accurate matches for their products
  • On time price changes Alert e-mails keep them up to date with all the shifts on the market
  • Successful monitoring of product variations that affect the price on the same URL – product parameters
  • Planning to start using the Repricing option which will allow Body & Fit to be reactive on the market


By its nature, Price2Spy is a very sensitive and discrete tool. For that reason, we have to be very careful about our client’s data privacy, which is an absolute priority for us.

Therefore, we will not be able to show too many testimonials nor success stories on this page. The ones we will show should just give you a brief idea on how Price2Spy can be used in your own business.