Commercial questions

Commercial questions

Commercial questions

How many competitor sites will Price2Spy track for me?

There is no limit in number of competitor Websites. However, the number of Products / URLs monitored depends on the price plan you are using. Please check our price plans.

For your reference, some of our clients have over 550 competitors on their account. On the other one, some clients are monitoring 1 competitor site only.

In essence, it’s up to you to choose how many competitors you want monitored…

What kind of support will I get?

Our support department will answer your calls daily from 9:00AM to 5:30PM (CET) – please check our phone numbers on Contact page.

Of course, you can email us any time at – you’ll get our reply within 24 hours.

Further, you’re welcome to contact our staff by online chat (see the button in the top right of the screen)

Is there some kind of free trial, so I can try before I buy?

Yes, you’re welcome to use free 30-day trial package, which will allow you to monitor up to 1000 product URLs, with all the functionality Price2Spy offers. Please sign up here.

Btw, when signing up we won’t ask you for you credit card number, or any other financial information. We’ll get to it once you say you’re happy with Price2Spy and once you’re ready to subscribe for the service.

How can I pay?

You can pay online, by using your credit card, or by Paypal.

Further, you can pay by wire (bank transfer).

Do I need to fill in my credit card details when registering?

No. When registering you’ll be asked about no financial information whatsoever.

What is the difference between Basic and Premium Price2Spy accounts?

Here are basic differences

  • Basic account checks prices up to once per day. With Premium account it’s up to 8 times per day
  • Prices on certain stores can’t be monitored using standard mechanisms – ie, require more features from Price2Spy engine, available only to Premuim users. However, number of such sites is very limited
  • Capturing additional information (like shipping costs, seller information, price before promotion etc) is available only for our Premium users
  • Basic accounts can have only 1 customized automated report (sent on daily a basis), while Premium accounts can have 5 such reports.
  • Last but not least, Price2Spy API, which enables your own software to interface Price2Spy, is available with Premium user account.

Please check price plan comparison for the detailed list of features available with Premium Price2Spy account.

Is Automatch included in standard Price2Spy priceplans?

No, Price2Spy is an additional service, typically having 2 components

  • Setup (one-off) costs, which will most likely be per competitor site (not per number of products)
  • Monthly costs (in addition to your regular Price2Spy monthly fees) – depending on the number of products /  competitor sites and the frequency of Automatch checks.

Will I be able to have multiple user accounts?

Yes, if you have a Premium Price2Spy account. You will be able able to setup multiple user accounts, each with it’s own account privileges.

I do not want a Premium priceplan. Can I still have multiple Price2Spy user accounts?

Technically – no. However, your users may share account credentials – and they will be able to use Price2Spy at the same time. Please note that this means that you will not be able to track which user made changes to the account, if needed.

How do repricing add-ons affect my monthly fee?

We have 2 repricing methods available, and both of them affect your monthly fee (Direct repricing is more powerful, thus more expensive than Indirect repricing). Please check price plan comparison.

How many URLs do I need?

Since all our price plans are based on the number of monitored URLs, this is the most important question – basically, the number of URLs depends on the number of products and websites you plan to monitor. You can find a useful calculator on our price comparison page.

What price plan I need?

All our price plans are based on the total number of monitored URLs and depending on the required features, you might need a Basic or a Premium subscription. To calculate the URL requirements and check out the Premium features, please check out our price plan comparison page, and use the calculator to get an approximate quote.