Data import

Data Import

Import your product data and kickstart your price monitoring process.

Data import

What is data import?

Data import allows you to upload (import) data from an external source to your Price2Spy account. Doing this provides you access to comprehensive (and customizable) reports that include both your own and competitors’ product data. These reports in turn will enable you to make more precise and timely pricing decisions. 

Data import

How to perform data import?

Importing your data into Price2Spy is easy and our application guides you throughout the process. We have outlined the most important steps below.


Import data

Data import


Validate data

Once you have uploaded the file, Price2Spy will process it and show a screen with a summary of data that is going to be added to your account. From here, you will have three options:

Data import


Set the frequency for imported products

When the import is performed, there is a Price check frequency setting in Step 2 where the frequency for new products should be set. It uses the same logic that is implemented on Add Product page.


When products are imported, the set frequency is the one selected in Step 2.


It’s important to note that lower frequencies can be set only if you are using Premium features.

Data import


How to fix potential errors

You should check these errors and what needs to be done to correct them. Please try to solve some simple issues on your own:

If you still have import problems, please contact us at

Data import


Complete the import

Once Price2Spy does not return any errors in the file, you may complete the import – click ‘NEXT’ and confirm that you wish to proceed.


You will get a confirmation that your import has been submitted.


Give it a couple of minutes and check the results in the Import log.

Data import