Data import

Data import

Data import

Each price monitoring tool bases its work on analyzing different data on prices and competitors. In order for further analysis to be carried out, it is necessary to import certain data first. This is why data import is such an important feature of any price monitoring tool.

What is Data import?

Data import is a feature that will allow you to upload (import) data from an external source to your Price2Spy account. That data can, later on, be used in different analyses, depending on your needs. Usually, our clients import the product URLs or competitor websites that they would like to monitor, and Price2Spy uses it as a starting point of its price monitoring process. 


As a result, you will get comprehensive reports (that can also be customized according to your needs) and use them for defining the best pricing strategy for your business. 

How to perform Data import?

Let’s give you a short step-by-step guide on the data import process. 

1. Import data

  • Go to your account and select Import-New import (or simply use the following link )
  • Click to download a sample import file 
  • Once the file is downloaded, please fill it in
  • Your next step is to import the file and click Next

2. Validate data

You will see a screen with a summary of the data to be added:

3. Check the errors

You should check these errors and what needs to be done to correct them. Please try to solve some simple issues on your own:

  • The column order in the sample import file must remain the same – please do not rearrange the table on your own;
  • If you find some columns unnecessary, please do not delete them – just leave them empty;
  • When you solve these issues, try to import the data again;

If you still have import problems, please contact us at

4. Completing the imports

Once Price2Spy does not return any errors in the file, you may complete the import:

  • Click Next and confirm that you wish to proceed;


Afterward, you will get a confirmation your import has been submitted.


Give it a couple of minutes and check the results in the import log


There is another very important thing that we need to point out.


Until now, if a client wanted to import URLs from websites that are not currently in our database, he would receive an error saying that the selected website is unsupported. However, clients now can do the import even if the website is unsupported.


As you can see, we enabled a check box Import without unsupported websites. When you check that, the Next button will become clickable and you’ll be able to continue with importing. 

5. Setting product frequency for newly imported products

When the import is performed, there is a Price check frequency setting in Step 2 where the frequency for new products should be set. It uses the same logic that is implemented on Add Product page.

When products are imported, the set frequency is the one selected in Step 2.

It’s important to note that lower frequencies can be set only if you are using Premium features.

Set yourself for success with Price2Spy

Over the years, Price2Spy has earned its leading position thanks to many traits. One of those traits is listening to our client’s needs and offering a prompt response.


Put your trust in the hands of Price2Spy and set yourself for success! More than 700 clients are already using it!

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