Device Deal – Australia (

Device Deal – Australia (

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How Price2Spy helped Device Deal to determine market trends by using different reports

Device Deal – Australia (

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Device Deal is one of Australia’s leading online Information and Communication Technology (ICT) retailers offering a wide range of Consumer and SMB products for their clients since 2014. Supplying both consumer and business products, they serve customers of all sizes from home users to large corporate, government and education entities. With over 10 000 products in their portfolio, they provide local and online technical support to meet various needs of their clients at affordable prices. What makes them one of the top-notch providers is high quality and affordable products, tech teams with a solid background in network solutions and great customer service based on the combination of knowledge, skills and genuine interest in clients’ needs.




  1. Manual monitoring of various competitor sites and market places is very time-consuming
  2. Data analysis needed in order to establish market trends
  3. Wide variety of products to be monitored across various competitor sites
  4. Need to keep an eye on frequent stock changes on competitor sites



  • Price2Spy automated price checks, reports, and widgets provide all the necessary pricing data and save time
  • Instant price change alerts help to keep track of price / availability changes as soon as they occur
  • Price2Spy reports (i.e. Price Matrix) used to determine market trends
  • Several Dashboard widgets covering pricing dynamics



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