What makes us different?

What makes us different?

What makes us different?

Experience counts


  • When Price2Spy was launched back in springtime 2011, it was one of only 3 online price monitoring tools
  • Nowadays, when there are more than 50 such tools available, the fact that we have 650+ active clients speaks for itself

Technical superiority


  • Price2Spy is great at monitoring Websites that do not want to be monitored. Over the years we have developed so many ways around such bans, stealth IP traffic being the most powerful of all such methods
  • We can also handle CAPTCHA-protected pages
  • We have the ability to read prices/information displayed as images
  • We are able to work with products having different packages/quantities
  • Ability to distinguish between different product variations, shown on single product URL
  • Monitoring prices in various currencies – with or without currency conversion
  • Ability to monitor geographically-sensitive websites (sites working only for users from certain territories)
  • We can crawl competitor sites for you and deliver extracted products with as many product details as you need, in a structured format (for example, Excel or CSV file)
  • We enabled Capturing screenshots so that you’re always just a click away from the evidence about the price change/price violation
  • API integration – while many other competitors have only customized export of a CSV file, Price2Spy can offer you a real API integration
  • We are able to capture additional product details – besides capturing the product price, we are able to monitor additional data such as promotions, shipping details, stock status, custom product details, etc.



  • Price2Spy is able to monitor prices shown on marketplaces, individual retail websites, as well as price comparison Websites
  • We can monitor both your competitors and the prices of your own products
  • We have clients who monitor over 500K products on more than a dozen competitor Websites. On the other hand, some of our clients monitor just a handful of products on more than 500 different Websites. No problem for us – it’s up to you to choose how many SKUs / Websites you’d like to monitor
  • We at Price2Spy know that each client is different, has different requirements and goals, so we’re always glad to offer you custom solutions – whether it’s a custom report tailored to your needs or custom repricing rules that will help you get where you want to be on the market, we got your back – just list your specific requirements and our team will provide the best solution

Your data is safe with Price2Spy


  • At Price2Spy, we do not use data that belongs to you and offer it to other clients. Each client has its own set-up, so you can be sure that your data is safe with us. The data which a client adds to her/his account will not be shared with anyone else.

Dynamic pricing / Repricing


  • Price2Spy has 2 flexible Repricing mechanisms (Smart Raise and Smart Drop)
  • These can be integrated with your online store either in a Direct or Indirect way, depending on your implementation preferences
  • Dynamic pricing can be achieved simply by automating the above repricing actions

Matching accuracy


  • We will try to automate product matching for you (see Automatch / Multi-Automatch) but we will warn you in advance if we see that no 100% automation is possible. We want to waste neither your time nor ours.
  • If no full automation is possible, we’ll offer you manual product matching, or Hybrid matching (a combination of Automatch and manual product matching) with superb matching quality
  • Whatever method we advise, we will make sure that the product matches are 100% correct, so you can fully rely on price comparison reports

Customer support at its best


  • All our users know that the support they will get will be
    • quick
    • to the point
    • no-nonsense
  • We tend to respond in a matter of hours (the latest), and we tend to solve all problems reported the very same working day
  • Please check our review on Capterra Review Service – our Customer Support team has scored a perfect 5.0 mark
  • Preemptive problem detection / resolution. We know that monitoring so many websites means that each day some of them will change, and we’ll have to adapt to it. No problem, we know that’s our job.

Doing business with us is easy


  • We are very much aware that we need to gain your trust before you subscribe
  • Low initial commitment – month by month payments possible
  • We stimulate long term relationships – significant discounts offered in case of the long term commitment
  • You’re welcome to start with a small subscription plan and upgrade as you see the benefits of Price2Spy to your everyday business
  • For more information about our pricing plans, we invite you to visit the Price plan comparison page

What do our clients say about Price2Spy?

The solution works very well, and I would especially like to recommend the fantastic Customer Support. Even while we were in the free trail period, the Support was really good – helping us to start using the solution efficiently.

René Pedersen
Roesfeld A/S

Outstanding backup and support! Great people to work with! Price2Spy has provided our company with a product that has met our needs globally and at a very solid value.

Roc Bubel
Radial Engineering

Price2Spy team is very careful to their customers and they always answer every question very quickly. What we like most about the software is the great amount of customization you can do on it and that it fits or can be tailored to our very specific needs.

Damiano Barchiesi
Musicarte Store

Besides the great features, functionality and ease of use, what most impresses me is the excellent customer support. Enhancements made in just a few hours! I wish the customer support of my company was as perfect as Price2Spy’s.

Guilherme Rocha

Before we used Price2Spy “Competitor price monitoring” tool, gathering intel on competitors was a mere time consuming experience with little result. Since we’ve started to use the software, immediately the results came up: who’s leading the price war, who’s lagging, what strategies are used, how (dis)honest are certain competitors… It gave us the insights we were missing and helped us control our strategy.

Kris Heirman
Media Marketing BVBA