Ecommerce Pricing Optimization

eCommerce Pricing Optimization​

Optimize prices on the fly and set pricing strategies tailored to your needs.

Track your competition in real-time and identify which products can go up or down in price. 





What can eCommerce pricing optimization be used for?​

The main purpose of eCommerce pricing optimization is to help you make right pricing decisions, and optimize your pricing strategy in the best possible way.

Ecommerce Pricing Optimization

Dynamic pricing

The completely automated approach to making pricing decisions.

Ecommerce Pricing Optimization

Discovering trends

Time-stamp price changes and identify the source of price-drop chain reactions.

Ecommerce Pricing Optimization

Price comparison

Know your competitors’ prices and their relation to yours.

Who is it for?

The eCommerce pricing optimization can be used by any eCommerce business regardless of its size and industry branch. Many markets are getting overcrowded, so online sellers need to be on their best game in order to stay ahead of the competition

Ecommerce Pricing Optimization
Ecommerce Pricing Optimization
Ecommerce Pricing Optimization

Online retailers

Brands & manufacturers


  • Having a price comparison tool is essentially mandatory in today’s online retail environment.
  • Dealing with fierce competition, impatient customers, and even stakeholder pressure – all of it requires proper and timely information. 
  • Having such information is now easily possible and accessible with a price comparison tool.
  • Say goodbye to times when you were unable to be in control of your brand’s value. With a proper price comparison tool, you’ll always know the prices of your products at relevant sellers. 

  • There’ll be no more sellers who will price your products under your MSRP and go unnoticed. 

  • We can capture a screenshot every time we notice a MAP violation and send it to you as proof.
  • Distributors often play the role of intermediaries between brands and retailers. The need to balance preserving a brand’s value while stimulating retailers’ sales volumes is everything but an easy task.

  • These tasks are significantly easier with a price comparison tool. Identify your main retailers, identify their assortment and prices, get alerts when retailers run out of stock & more with our tool.

Join the winning team!

Here are some of our clients who trust us when it comes to providing them with the right pricing data and tools to manipulate it. Join the ever-growing family of thriving businesses that have recognized the importance of pricing in today’s world of eCommerce!

Ecommerce Pricing Optimization
Ecommerce Pricing Optimization
Ecommerce Pricing Optimization
Ecommerce Pricing Optimization
Ecommerce Pricing Optimization
Ecommerce Pricing Optimization
Ecommerce Pricing Optimization
Ecommerce Pricing Optimization
Ecommerce Pricing Optimization
Ecommerce Pricing Optimization

How it works?

The benefits of eCommerce pricing optimization​

Still in doubt whether you need eCommerce pricing optimization? Here are the most important benefits that will help you make the right decision:

Ecommerce Pricing Optimization

Save time & resources

By using an automated price comparison tool you save time you’d have to spend if you were to manually check all your competitors’ prices.

Ecommerce Pricing Optimization

Get accurate data​

As a team of eCommerce professionals ourselves, we are well aware of how harmful inaccurate pricing data can be. This is why we strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date data as possible.

Ecommerce Pricing Optimization

Custom repricing

In case the default repricing opportunities are not meeting your requirements you’re welcome to define your own custom repricing rules and send them over to us.

Ecommerce Pricing Optimization

See hidden opportunities​

Say goodbye to missing opportunities to lower or increase your prices. eCommerce pricing optimization will help you identify opportunities for price drops and price raises. 

Ecommerce Pricing Optimization

Stock opportunities

These are products your competitors do have in stock, and you don’t. Differences in the inventory mean an opportunity for a price drop/raise. These changes will never go unnoticed when using eCommerce pricing optimization. 

Ecommerce Pricing Optimization

Unlimited monitoring

Price2Spy is able to monitor prices on the most complex websites with advanced bot protection. Also, we can monitor regular e-commerce websites, and marketplaces (eg. Amazon, eBay, etc.), in any language and currency.

Price plans


USD 67.95

USD 134.95

USD 337.95

USD 674.95

  • Daily price checks
  • Comprobaciones diarias de precios
  • Instant or daily alert emails
  • Correos electrónicos de alerta instantáneos o diarios
  • Powerful reporting mechanism
  • Poderoso mecanismo de informes


USD 134.95

USD 269.95

USD 674.95

USD 1349.95

  • Multiple price checks per day
  • Múltiples comprobaciones de precios al día
  • Instant price change alerts
  • Alertas instantáneas de cambio de precio
  • Over 25 different reports
  • Más de 25 informes diferentes
  • API access
  • Acceso a la API
  • Capturing additional product information
  • Capturar información adicional del producto
  • User management
  • Gestión de usuarios



  • All premium features
  • Todas las características Premium
  • Continuous matching process
  • Proceso de matching de productos continuo
  • Continuous account control
  • Control de cuenta continuo
  • Repricing add-on
  • Fijación de precios como complemento adicional
  • Custom reports
  • Informes personalizados
  • Site crawling and recrawling
  • Rastreo de sitios web y rastreo del sitio repetitivo
  • Developing custom features
  • Desarrollo de opciones personalizadas

Competitive advantage so good it almost seems unfair

With Price2Spy you don’t get only a price comparison tool – you get a solution to your business needs that adapts to you and your organization. 


We have clients of various sizes – from small businesses to large enterprises that operate across the whole world.


You can be sure that we have the expertise to solve all your pricing issues.

Ecommerce Pricing Optimization