One of the reasons why Price2Spy is so popular with its users is its customizability.

If you need something specific, which is not applicable to other Price2Spy users, please let us know what it is exactly (in as many details as possible) that you require, and we’ll get back to you with an assessment and a quote.

On the other hand, if your request is something that can be applied to other Price2SPy users (thus making Price2Spy a better tool) we’ll be happy to carry out such a change free of charge – as soon as we find a suitable development slot for it.



Generally speaking, custom requests can be divided into


  • Importing product / URL data from a custom source
    • Typically, this would be your own data feed, exported from your ERP / eCommerce software
    • This feed needs to be made available on an (S)FTP server, and updated on a regular (usually daily) basis. The (S)FTP can reside either on your or on our server
    • What this feed will contain is entirely up to you
    • We would develop a custom module in Price2Spy whose task would be to read your feed, and import the data into your Price2Spy account. This module may send a notification upon completion (typically contains the number of products / URLs affected)
    • Such a custom module would be executed once per day (please let us know if you’d need it more / less often)
  • Exporting Price2Spy data / reports in a custom format
    • The file we will export for you will contain the data as per your requirements
    • Typically, such a custom export would be executed once per day (please let us know if you’d need it more / less often)
    • Export file format – the data is usually delivered in one of the following formats
      • MS Excel
      • CSV
      • XML
      • JSON
      • etc.
    • Delivery method – the data is usually delivered to you in one of the following ways
      • Email
      • FTP – can be either your or our server
      • SFTP – your server
      • Google Docs
      • etc.
  • Custom Repricing rules
    We’re aware that all of our clients are different, have different requirements and goals, so we’re offering high flexibility when it comes to our Repricing module. Repricing your products automatically can become a race to the bottom if you don’t have a clear vision of your desired position on the market. This is why, we offer you a possibility to define your own repricing rules, create your own algorithm, and we will be implementing your logic in your Price2Spy account. Just send us your requirements in detail to and we’ll get back to you with an assessment.
  • Custom crawl processes
    There are cases when specific crawl results need to be integrated with your regular Price2Spy account (for example: products with price > X need to be pricechecked continuously, while products with cheaper price can be ignored). Such and other custom requests can be accomplished by our development team. Please let us know us your requirements (email to and we’ll get back to you with a quote.
  • Customization vs. API
    Please note – if you’re using Price2Spy API – this enables you to insert / update data into your Price2Spy Price2Spy account – according to your logic. The same way, Price2Spy API enables you to receive raw pricing data into your own system, where you will be able to perform any kind of data processing / reporting on it. In other words, if you’re using Price2Spy API – no need to go for custom modules in Price2Spy (unless you’re short on development resources on your side).

Need help with custom software development?

  • If you’re short on development resources and your software runs in Java or PHP, please let us know, we would be happy to put together an offer for a custom development project