Books & Media
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Books & Media

Books & Media industry


  • In certain cases, retailers in this industry are using the same product identifiers, but there are cases where we need to rely on product names or images.
  • Often, we have coupled standard Price2Spy price monitoring service with crawling/scraping competitor website product content. This way we can collect all information available regarding product variations

Greatest challenges

  • Frequent stock changes
  • Fairly often this kind of products are ordered in a set – therefore the price will change if the website is offering discounts


Pricing strategy

In order to be successful, you need to be ahead of your competitors. With the Pricing strategy module, you will be able to detect on-time products with price increase/drop opportunities and to define your strategy accordingly.


Manual product matching

Matching books and media can be pretty tricky, especially when the products don’t have a unique identifier. However, we have a very experienced product matching team that can match your products considering all available product information – title, edition, image, etc.


Capturing more product details

Consumers decide to make a purchase once they know the price of the product and all associated costs, for example, delivery charges. Besides the price and availability, Price2Spy can also capture any product information that’s displayed on the product page – for example, shipping costs, delivery time, seller name (for marketplace websites), stock levels (if displayed on the page) and much more data you can use to analyze your competitors’ strategies.