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Music – market competitiveness at its best


  • A very large number of players on the market – lots of sites to keep an eye on
  • Hard to adapt to frequent price changes
  • No unique identifiers – finding matches can be a challenging task

Greatest challenges

  • Price changes happen so often that in most cases capturing the product price once per day is not enough
  • Although brands and distributors are trying to enforce MAP rules on the market, retail sites are finding more and more innovative ways of avoiding MAP rules (one pretty common example is lowering the price on Friday PM, and going back up on Monday AM)
  • More and more sites (these are usually very young and aggressive, emerging market players) are trying to avoid being price-monitored by introducing smart IT-solutions for detecting non-human traffic. Price2Spy is very proud of its Stealth IP technology, which enables us to bypass such obstacles.

Our clients

Our Clients: Radial Engineering, The Music People


Pricing Intelligence

Use our powerful Reporting & Price Analytics mechanism – Analyzing historical data will help you prepare for the future. You will be able to see which competitor is considered pricing leader, and which ones are followers – adapting their prices according to the leader.


MAP monitoring

MAP (minimal advertised price) violation module is heavily used in order to spot competitors who are violating MAP agreements, and to document such occurrences. Actually, some of our key clients (high-profile music brands) have configured Price2Spy to warn them only in such cases.


Pricing Dashboard

Most recent price changes, as well as stock movements (per brand or category) can be spotted via Pricing Dashboard; the same goes for the share of cheapest products per site. In most cases these reports are segmented by categories / brands / suppliers;


Multiple markets, single account

Price2Spy is capable of monitoring websites from many different markets (even many currencies) from single account. Simple and easy!


Pricing Strategy

Use Pricing Strategy module to identify products with pricing opportunities – it will result in having a clear and actionable list of products and suggested pricing changes which will help you to run your business more successfully. If desired, can be fully automated.


API Integration

In industries like these where is a large number of products, API integration is usually a must (Typically, the client’s software initiates the process by inserting new products into Price2Spy. Price2Spy then performs Automatch, and feeds fresh pricing data back to the client’s software)