Other industries
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Other industries

Price2Spy also has clients coming from the following industries:


Recently, Price2Spy has received an increased number of requests for monitoring this industry field. Gifts can be a very tricky branch, mostly because of the large number of categories, as well as the differences in sizes, colors, and shipping prices. No need to worry, Price2Spy has everything covered!

Restaurant equipment

Restaurant equipment is an industry consisted of many different products – from electric equipment to all sorts of decoration. Matching and monitoring so many products is a true challenge, but Price2Spy is successfully dealing with it.

Catering supplies

Catering supplies is a branch that has reached its popularity peak over the past few years. Since it can be used in many different events, there are numerous of products in different styles, sizes, colors, etc. However, nothing that Price2Spy can’t solve!



The floral industry essentially consists of three major components: the growers, wholesalers and retailers whose businesses are quite intermingled. Therefore, they all need product matching and price monitoring services. If we add to that the fact that flowers come in many different types, sizes, colors, and packages, it’s clear why this is the right task for Price2Spy!


Vaporizers are used in many different industries – from medical and pharmaceutical to electronics which can be used on a daily basis (electronic cigarettes e.g.). Since their use is closely connected to health, it’s no surprise that companies want to monitor this category and gather as much product information as possible.