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Travel industry - price monitoring at its most complex


  • Airline and Travel industry websites are known for being some of technically most complex websites on the Web
  • Depending on the client’s needs, what we capture for them is Flight schedule / carriers, number of stop-overs, Travel / Flight price, A number of cheapest traveling offers, Flight ancillaries like: pieces of luggage allowed, baggage surcharge, seat reservation price, insurance options, etc.

Greatest challenges

  • One of the greatest challenges regarding this industry is the number of price points which makes the monitoring process a lot harder
  • Therefore, these clients do not receive a standard alert mail because it wouldn’t make sense to do so in an industry where price fluctuations are so common


API Integration

Because of the specifics of this industry, we provide our clients with raw data (either via CSV / XML export, or via Price2Spy API access). Price2Spy API can be used to create / manage your products and URLs, as well as to get the latest (or historical) pricing data – all by exchange of standardized XML (SOAP API) or JSON (REST API) messages.


Pricing Intelligence

When you are a part of an industry that is constantly changing, you need to be always on top of the game. Price Intelligence module can help you with that – it is based on numerous reports (Price Matrix, Price Change Dynamics, Pricing Index) from which you can choose the ones that are the best fit for you.


Pricing strategy

Making the right decision in such dynamic industry is never easy because you need to possess always the right information. The pricing strategy module can be your ally – you will be able to identify products with price increase / drop opportunities so that you are aware of changes that needs to be performed.