3DCart – integrating with Price2Spy
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3DCart – integrating with Price2Spy

Steps to be performed on 3DCart side



Login to your 3DCart store, and do the following:

    1. Go to setting > general > store setting [screen 1]
    2. Copy Store URL (will be needed later) [screen 2]
    3. On the left menu go to Modules, and in search modules field type rest [screen 3]
    4. Go to settings on rest module ( rest must be Enabled) [screen 4]
    5. Click add [screen 5]
    6. Paste public key: 7ff94b1c4cafa2fc7b136debb19c0752 and save [screen 6]
    7. Please think of categories you like to be imported to Price2Spy (only root categories are allowed!)
    8. Please contact support@price2spy.com:
      1. Please let us know your Store URL (see step 2)
      2. Please let us know your list of categories you like to be imported to Price2Spy (you can also say – ‘all root categories’)

Integrating your 3DCart with Price2Spy



After you send email to support@price2spy.com, we will finalize the integration of your 3DCart with Price2Spy (it will take max 1 working day)