Google Shopping feed integration

Google Shopping feed integration

Integrating your store with Price2Spy – using Google Shopping feed



Supported Google Shopping feed version: Google does not publish the versions of feed XML. However, we have tested Price2Spy with various formats, dating from 2011 onwards, and they all worked fine. Of course, if you encounter any problems with importing products into Price2Spy using Google Shopping feed, do let us know.


Moreover, Google Shopping Feed is supported by many other Price Comparison websites and eCommerce platforms. So, even if you’re not listed or bidding on Google Shopping, you can still use your Google Shopping feed if you’re focused on certain Price Comparison sites and eCommerce platforms.


Here is a full list of Price Comparison websites and eCommerce platforms supporting Google Shopping feed which you can link to your Price2Spy account.



Steps to be performed on your store



Please check Google’s instructions on how to establish a Google Shopping product feed:

If you’ve followed the instructions from Google’s page, all you need to do is to have the URL of your store’s Google Shopping product feed handy – you’ll need it in the next step, which needs to be performed in your Price2Spy account.



Steps to be performed in Price2Spy



Please login to your Price2Spy account and do the following

    1. Click Settings => Link My Store
        1. Click Connect button, next to GoogleShopping Feed
        2. Choose the way we should access your feed
          1.  HTTP(S): Choose this option if your feed is at publicly available URL – you must provide a URL where we can find your complete Product data feed. For example:
          2.  HTTP(S) – password protected:  –  this option if your feed is password protected
          3.  FTP – Choose this option if your feed can be accessed via FTP
        3. Fill in the feed URL (each store will have it’s own URL here – this is the URL where Google picks up your product feed)
        4. (Please be patient: depending on your store size and your server speed, it may take 30s or so to read your feed)
    1. Select categories (or leave default = all) from which the products should be copied
    2. Click Matched products to see how many products are contained in the above categories, click Next
    3. Finalizing operation details
      1. Name your operation (for example: Google Feed | LINK)
      2. Define execution frequency (default = 1 day)
      3. (Optional) Define start / end date for the operation (leave blank if you’d like the operation to be executed every day until further notice)
      4. Choose whether you want to be notified by email on each operation execution (default = OFF)
      5. Click ‘Run it now‘ if you want the products to be copied immediately (otherwise the operation will be done according to the daily schedule)
      6. Define price check frequency (of the products created via Link My Store Operation)
    4. Click Finish. Once your products have been linked from your Google feed, you’ll see them in your Price2Spy account

Why can’t Price2Spy do the Reprice of my products using Google Shopping feed? The reason is pretty simple – the feed you provide to Google (or to Price2Spy) works as one-way communication (from your store to Price2Spy). However, in order to reprice your products, we need a 2-way communication, so your store can accept data from Price2Spy. Unfortunately, Google Shopping feed is designed only for 1-way communication. In order to perform Reprice of your products, please check Price2Spy API possibilities, or integrating Price2Spy with standard shopping carts.



Network / Firewall issues


  • In many cases, we experience that client’s Web server is behind a firewall, which will block our requests. Therefore, please make sure that you have done the following whitelisting changes to your firewall
  • Whitelist Price2Spy IPs (please ask  for the list of IPs we use)
  • Whitelist specific countries: please white list Serbia and The Netherlands (Holland)
  • Whitelist user-agent: ReactorNetty
  • In case you’re not sure where to apply the above firewall changes, please get in touch with your hosting company. If you’re unsure whom to contact, please let us know, we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.