Shopify – integrating with Price2Spy
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Shopify – integrating with Price2Spy

Integrating your Shopify store with Price2Spy

Steps to be performed on Shopify side


Please follow 5 simple steps shown below (click on the image to get it enlarged)

1. Please go to your Shopify admin home page (for example: On this page, click “Apps”

2. On Apps page, click “Manage private apps”

3. Please click “Create new private app”

4. Fill in app name (Price2Spy), and your Emergency developer email that can be used for developer communication regarding your app.

5. In order to allow direct repricing, under the Admin API section, make sure to select Read and write permission, and click “Save”.

6. The data you will need for Price2Spy part of the setup is

  • home URL
  • API key
  • Password.

Steps to be performed in Price2Spy

Please login to your Price2Spy account and do the following


  1. Click Settings => Link My Store
    1. Click Connect button, next to Shopify
      1. Fill in store details
        1. Store URL (this is the URL of your online store)
        2. API KEY = (this corresponds to API key defined in Shopify setup (see above: point 5.)
        3. Password = (this corresponds to password defined in Shopify setup (see above: point 5.)
      2. Please be patient: depending on your store size and your server speed, it may take 30s or so to establish link to your Shopify
  2. Select Categories (or leave default = all) from which the products should be copied
  3. Click Matched products to see how many products are contained in the above categories, click Next
  4. Finalizing operation details
    1. Name your operation (for example: Shopify| LINK)
    2. Define execution frequency (default = 1 day)
    3. (Optional) Define start / end date for the operation (leave blank if you’d like the operation to be executed every day until further notice)
    4. Choose whether you want to be notified by email on each operation execution (default = OFF)
    5. Click ‘Run it now‘ if you want the products to be copied immediately (otherwise the operation will be done according to the daily schedule)
    6. Define price check frequency (of the products created via Link My Store Operation)
  5. Click Finish. Once your products have been linked from Shopify, you’ll see them in your Price2Spy account