Lighting - Price monitoring techniques in the lighting industry


  • A surprisingly competitive industry, carrying out international operations (across many different countries, sometimes more than 20 countries) by very small and compact teams
  • On the other hand, a multitude of small players are emerging, most of them using alternative sales channels (like Amazon / eBay) which makes effective price monitoring even more challenging
  • This industry has highly standardized part numbers

Greatest challenges

  • In many cases product pricing comes in ‘tears’ (price A is applied when single product gets ordered, while price B counts for larger quantities). This brings another important requirement – capturing quantities / prices for each individual tear
  • As mentioned, this industry has standardized part numbers, meaning that Automatch is possible in most cases. However, some of the manufacturers have really short part numbers (for example: 8145) which can lead to potential mismatches. In such cases we usually go for additional Automatch validation – making sure that the brand name is a match as well

Our clients


Our Clients: JD Lighting, Main Electrics


API Integration

The number of competitors depends on market ambitions – more ambitious clients go for full API Integration. The process of the API Integration requires from the client to start the process by inserting new products into Price2Spy. After that, the Automatch is performed, and the acquired data is sent back to the client


Pricing strategy

In order to make the right decision, you need to be well informed. The pricing strategy module will help you with this – it is used to identify products with price increase / drop opportunities so that you are aware of changes that need to be done.


Pricing dashboard

With Pricing dashboard, you can easily configure your own pricing reports, so you can be up to date to what is happening in the market in that precise moment. This tool is consisted of many widgets and you have the possibility to choose the ones that you find more important.