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How Price2Spy helped to stay competitive in the Automotive industry

Everyday life is almost impossible to imagine without a car. Therefore, it is no wonder that products and services related to this industry are in high demand. This especially stands for tires and rims. The most important thing for customers is the quality of the tires, as well as professional installation. has recognized this as a market space that should be used. - Croatia

Key challenges is an online retailer from Croatia, specializing in the automotive industry (tires and rims). They offer more than 25000 different types of tires, and at the same time, they’re the only supplier of certain brands and types of tires on the Croatian market. 


The automotive industry is generally a very competitive one, due to the numerous competitors present on the market, and many product variations. has approached Price2Spy with the intention to get a better market position by monitoring their pretty big competitor – For that purpose, their portfolio consists of 19K products.


As you can tell, one of the characteristics of the automotive industry is the large number of SKUs, which can make price monitoring pretty complex. 


Another issue is that the price changes can happen so often that in most cases capturing the product price once per day is not enough.

Luckily, this is not the first time that Price2Spy faces such a situation. In this particular case, we were able to help by offering a couple of solutions and features.

Price2Spy’s given solutions

  • Capturing product details – Price2Spy’s job was to capture some additional information that is needed for more detailed market analysis. Some of the most commonly captured product data include Shipping costs, Shipping time, Shipping details, Stock status, etc.
  • Indirect repricing – this repricing method means that Price2Spy will prepare a CSV file containing the products which need to be repriced (along with their new prices) and upload it to the FTP location that the client has specified
  • Reports – Price2Spy offers a wide range of different reports that can be adjusted to the clients’ needs. Therefore, the client can decide on the reporting period/interval, or create reports based on the product / URL selection criteria (i.e. per brand / category / site / country etc)
  • Pricing Dashboard – The dashboard consists of a number of widgets (reports), and each widget can be set up to show different data. In other words, the clients can see what’s happening in the market at a glance. 


As always, Price2Spy did its best to provide the client with timely and accurate data. 


Clients from the automotive industry are always a special challenge, so we’re proud of another successful collaboration.

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