LineOnLine – Italy (

LineOnLine – Italy (

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How Price2Spy helped LineOnLine to stay ahead of the competition and offer the lowest prices

LineOnLine – Italy (
We choose Price2Spy because we need a professional and dynamic partner able to follow us and adapt to our work. From the very first moment a competent manager has supported us, guided in the use of the tool and proposed the best solutions to solve our problems.

Paolo Vangelisti, CEO, LineOnline

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LineOnLine is a fresh e-commerce project that deals with the most important brands and leaders in the industry of safety shoes, work clothes, electric tools and gardening, but their history has its roots back in 1974.They are an integral part of TPC Group Italy, which operates in the field of industrial supplies and retail sales since 1977. In 2015 they became the reference on the web for the sale of safety shoes and work-wear. Today, with an ever-increasing volume of orders, they are able to offer lower prices and even faster shipping times, not only on the national level but throughout Europe.


  1. Prices change frequently
  2. Manual monitoring of various competitor sites and market places is very time-consuming
  3. Due to the extremely dynamic and competitive market, it is necessary to monitor shipping details
  4. Data analysis needed in order to establish market trends


  • Multiple automated price checks per day
  • Price2Spy automated price checks, reports and widgets give all the necessary pricing data and save time
  • Enabling Price2Spy to capture shipping details displayed on product pages
  • Price2Spy reports and charts to stay ahead of the competition and offer lowest prices


By its nature, Price2Spy is a very sensitive and discrete tool. For that reason, we have to be very careful about our client’s data privacy, which is an absolute priority for us.

Therefore, we will not be able to show too many testimonials nor success stories on this page. The ones we will show should just give you a brief idea on how Price2Spy can be used in your own business.